Digital art…

An interesting article in the Observer today ‘Digital art brings a burst of colour into couture fashion’. It talks about how new ‘hyper-real digital printing techniques’ (like those used by David Hockney in his latest exhibition) are being embraced by artists and designers, particularly fashion. The article says

“The sudden flurry of colour and rapid spread of busy prints is largely the result of the new ease of computer printing in fabric design”

Designer Vanessa Gounden says “Digital prints allow for a higher level of creativity, with enhanced flexibility and versatility…Technology allows me to translate pieces of artwork into print.”

The article also touches upon the 60s and 70s influence on this new surge of bright, psychedelic prints, which, in fashion in particular, recall the ‘hippy look’.

It’s interesting to see how computers and digitization are being used now in the creative industries and how it is inspiring a nostalgia for the vivid, multicoloured qualities of 60s and 70s design. The “ease” of digital design is also important; artists are using it because it is can produce swift results (Hockney loves to make quick sketches on his ipad from his bedroom window in the mornings!)

But this is now, when computer soft/hardwares are advanced and effective. How would the process of using 70s computers to make images compare to how its done now? Would it still have been a simple process that produces quick results? Or would using the unrefined and experimental computer programmes of the 70s have been a complex and tricky process?


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