V&A Correspondence

Although we do have two works by Crabtree in our prints collection
(catalogue references attached as a pdf)they do not seem to be from the
series you are investigating. Having asked around sadly we don’t have
anything in the computer art collection by him but we do hold work by
other artists who were part of Slade’s new Department of Experiment
e.g. Stephen Scrivener (one of the first students) is currently head of
research at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Other artists include
Darrell Viner and Paul Brown.

Crabtree’s work was part of an touring exhibition in 1982 entitled
exhibited alongside pieces by Gerald Hushlak and Jacques Palumbo  (we
hold work by both, but not from this show).

Browsing on the web it looks like Crabtree emigrated to Australia, in
which case Paul Brown might be a good contact – the artist’s details on
his website.  Also Brown references Crabtree in his chapter in Cold Heat
White Logic http://www.paul-brown.com/WORDS/sysalife.pdf He also refers
to him as John (then Chris) Crabtree but presumably the same.

As part of the Computer Art & Technocultures (AHRC project b/w V&A and
Birkbeck) Paul Coldwell gave a   conference paper
http://www.bcs.org/upload/pdf/ewic_ca10_s4paper1.pdf which mentions
Crabtree and also shows Coldwell’s prints now in prints collection.

A colleague in our computer art collection has done a check of the
other likely computer art collections but I’m afraid nothing comes up.

Hope this helps – good luck with your project.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Travis
Curator Prints


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