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While researching the  Computer Arts Society yesterday, we came across the CACHe Project Archive, an online archive of early British computer art by Birkbeck University. The website seems to be constantly evolving as more material is archived. So far, they have uploaded issues of PAGE, the Computer Arts Society’s bulletin, John Lansdown’s (one of the founders of the CAS) articles for Computer Bulletin, as well as other early CAS literature. Definitely check out the Event One programme – the CAS exhibition at the Royal College of Art in 1969. Of particular relevance to our research is the section on ‘Graphics,’ where three authors discuss the philosophical implications of computer art: what is authentic? Are creators artists or programmers? Are they both? How does one interpret computer art? What is authentic? These resources demonstrate a self-consciousness of the early computer art scene that could provide valuable insight into interpreting Crabtree’s work in the context of today’s digital media.

Aside from the incredibly valuable content, these archived documents are visually very, very cool. The early 1970s aesthetic could perhaps provide some inspiration for our own portfolio. Check out the link below!

One Response to “Design Inspiration”
  1. What a great find! It’s brilliant to be able to download pdfs of the publications from the 70s – they’re beautiful magazines. Definitely agree that we can draw from these re the design and creation of our report.
    I also noticed Ars Electronica cropping up in here. This has come up a lot throughout research, quite understandably. It’s one of, if not the, biggest festival dedicated to digital technologies and the use of them in the art industry. You can do incredible stuff with computer programming now.

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