John Crabtree Day

This morning we had our first meeting with the artist of “Five Tetrahedra” Mr John Crabtree, and what a pleasure it was.  He was informative, insightful, happy to discuss the work and still enthusiastic about many areas including technology and current affairs.  He spent almost two hours with us answering our questions and happily discussing and conversing on different topics.  He explained how the work was made (which sounded very mathematically complicated to us, but he seemed to think it was very “simple”).  He also told us that it was his least favourite piece of work, we then told him it our favourite piece!  Hopefully we can arrange another meeting to see the preparatory work for this piece, which he still has.

He has given us a lot to think about and a great source of information to rifle through, we are all incredibly excited and inspired!!

2 Responses to “John Crabtree Day”
  1. Paul says:

    Is it John or Chris Crabtree?

  2. John told us that there we many many Johns in his family! So for a time he became Chris, to make family life a little easier! His full name is John Christopher Crabtree, hence Chris. He has now returned to using his first name.

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