Continuous Tone vs. Halftone

Five Tetrahedra is a complex print featuring a multifarious process. When thinking about the examination of the print, the difference between Continuous Tone and Halftone image formation was questioned. When observing an image under magnification, Continuous Tone is when the darker and lighter areas or different colors appear to flow into each other without any apparent dot … Continue reading


While casually checking Facebook today, we stumbled upon a fantastic blog entitled “The Art Attack Podcast.” Essentially, the podcast teaches visitors art viewing skills in a relaxed setting while being introduced to some of Washington D.C.’s art treasures from the comfort of their own homes (computers?). The most recent podcast talks about Nam June Paik’s … Continue reading

What if…

… we were meant to create a whole exhibititon around Five Tetrahedra? This was today’s task in our Collections Curatorship Class. In the course of a short and very efficient brainstorming the fivetetrehedra team came up with the following introductory text for its “quasi-exhibition”: Five Tetrahedra, a letterpress print by Chris Crabtree (b. 1943), is an experimentation.  … Continue reading

New Discovery – “WAVES I” by Chris Crabtree Slade Prize winning project

When searching for the provenances of all works by Chris Crabtree in UCL Art Museum’s collection database last Thursday we found out that his work “WAVES I” won a Slade Prize in 1972. For this reason – all Slade Prize winners being represented in UCL’s Art Collection – the work was integrated in the same … Continue reading