Harold Cohen

Today I received an email from Harold Cohen, a student at the Slade from 1961-68.  The interesting thing about Harold Cohen is that he invented the system AARON, one of the first computer drawing software systems.  As he says in his email below, he was at the Slade at an earlier time but he has … Continue reading

New research material

Thanks to Adam Waterton, Librarian at the Royal Academy of Arts, London new research sources on the history of computer generated art in the UK, as well as on Chris Crabtree could be found. To access our updated bibliography please see ‘Resources’ and the correspondence below… Hi Sabrina, This sounds a very interesting project; I … Continue reading

V&A Correspondence

Although we do have two works by Crabtree in our prints collection (catalogue references attached as a pdf)they do not seem to be from the series you are investigating. Having asked around sadly we don’t have anything in the computer art collection by him but we do hold work by other artists who were part … Continue reading