What if…

… we were meant to create a whole exhibititon around Five Tetrahedra? This was today’s task in our Collections Curatorship Class. In the course of a short and very efficient brainstorming the fivetetrehedra team came up with the following introductory text for its “quasi-exhibition”: Five Tetrahedra, a letterpress print by Chris Crabtree (b. 1943), is an experimentation.  … Continue reading

Science Museum Field Trip

An early morning trip to the Science Museum proved to be very informative and useful, and who doesn’t like the Science Museum?! We went to the second floor to look at the exhibit that shows the history of the computer and while were there, we found a display that explained the form of the Tetrahedron … Continue reading

John Crabtree Day

This morning we had our first meeting with the artist of “Five Tetrahedra” Mr John Crabtree, and what a pleasure it was.  He was informative, insightful, happy to discuss the work and still enthusiastic about many areas including technology and current affairs.  He spent almost two hours with us answering our questions and happily discussing … Continue reading

Science Museum

A visit to the Computing section at the science museum could prove to be useful.


Here’s a picture to give you a sense of the hard work that goes on at our busy head office…it’s bustling with people working, meeting and keeping themselves going with good coffee and muffins. The cozy-couch department is particularly popular. This week, Sabrina fed the troops with homemade guacamole.

Work in progress…

Resources list

Throughout our research we have been and will continue to be trawling through various resources, emails, correspondence, journals…the list goes on! I have just added a new page to the blog entitled Resources. All literature and documents we consult throughout this process will be referenced in this list, so that we can all see what … Continue reading


So, after contacting Catherine Mason and Paul Brown, we have had a response! Last Friday, 27th January, Catherine Mason very kindly replied with contact details for one Mr. John Crabtree, hoorah!  Thank you Catherine.  Apparently the email address is out of date but everything else is good and Sabrina has been in touch with the … Continue reading

And this week….

So, on Tuesday 24th an attempt was made to email Paul Brown who currently lives in Australia.  The email wasn’t working so we have resorted to snail mail and posted a letter all the way to Australia!  Lets see if it gets there and if we get a response….. Also yesterday, an email was sent … Continue reading

Project description

Yesterday we drew up a project description, including an image and object information. This will be uploaded to the university site.