AI: Artificial Intelligence.

ALFIE: Artificial Life.

AARON: A software drawing programme, using the computer, developed by Harold Cohen 1971-73.

CAs: Cellular Automata.

CAS: the Computer Arts Society founded in 1969.

CACHe: Computer Arts, Contexts, Histories etc. A research project documented and completed in 2005 by Birkbeck College.

CAD: Computer Aided Design.

CPU: Central Processing Unit. The component of a computer that has the job of carrying out the instructions of the assigned computer programme, in order to perform the basic input/output operations of the system.

Cybernetics: the study of communication and control functions, largely concerned with how artificial systems, namely mechanical and electronic, can take the place of human manipulation and control.

EAT: Experiments in Art and Technology, American group formed in 1960s.

PAGE: Bulletin/ News run by CAS.

Leonardo: Founded in 1967, a journal addressing convergence of art/science/technology.

NOVA 2: First computer into the Experimental Department at the Slade.

Plotter: A mechanical device to hold a pen or brush which when programmed makes marks and images across paper.

Polygon: plane figure bounded by some number of straight sides. In a computer graphics system it is a two-dimensional shape, where the triangle is considered the simplest form.

Punched Card: A rectangular piece of card holding digital information rendered by a sequence of holes in specific positions. Early digital computers used punched cards as their primary source of input for data and programmes. They could also be used as a form of data storage, or memory, and were also used for controlling textile looms and voting machines.

Regular Polyhedron: a polyhedron is said to be regular when its faces are identical regular polygons.

Tetrahedron (pl. Tetrahedra): a polyhedron composed of four triangular faces, with four vertices and six edges. A regular tetrahedron has equilateral triangles as its faces, and so all its edges have the same length.


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